Reiki Master

What is a Reiki Master?


My journey to become a Reiki Master.

Achieving  Reiki Master status came after several years of studying and attending all the levels of Reiki training classes. Starting with level I and II of Reiki teachings, I was replete to have the tools to perform healings. It was not for another year of practicing Reiki that I decided to further my healing techniques by studying the next 2 levels in order to become a Reiki Master. By achieving the higher levels, I am more in tune with my client's needs and have a wider range of tools at my disposal to heal. Being a Master qualifies me to teach Reiki to individuals so they can heal themselves and have the ability to perform Reiki on others. After 3 years of studying and attending classes I feel privileged to be able to help others heal in a natural and holistic alternative to medicine.

A Natural Approach to Whole Wellbeing