What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive, alternative approach to healing and general well being. Reiki has been around for almost a hundred years since its discovery in Japan, but its techniques have been used for thousands of years. It is a practice that fosters healing, relaxation and stress relief. I give Reiki by placing my hands on or above a physical body, or through the process of a distance healing (where the recipient is at another location). 

Reiki literally translates into spiritual wisdom (Rei) and life energy (Ki), spiritually guided life energy. To put those meanings into practice, I am spiritually guided to place my hands where healing is most needed. Health giving energy flows from an all loving outside source (sometimes referred to as God, The Universe, The Highest Source of Love, etc.) through me and thus transferred into you. The energy that flows into the client does not come from me, but through me. I am mainly a vessel to transport this life energy into you. While I am divinely guided to focus the energy on a certain area of the body or aura, the energy will automatically flow to where it is needed.

After a Reiki session it will best serve your body to treat it gently for the remainder of your day and drink lots of water. After a healing your body is at a higher vibrational field and sensitive to stimuli. A Reiki treatment can leave you feeling extremely relaxed, there have been a lot of changes that took place within you so it could also manifest as feeling tired. It is best to listen and be in tune with what your body needs after a treatment, that way your body is able to fully integrate the healing it received and you will get the most benefits from it.  

A Natural Approach to Whole Wellbeing